Photographs of Ochilview

Every April and September, the Fair visits Stenhousemuir. The Big Wheel can be seen here, behind the Social Club. A touch of black humour was witnessed following the Queen Mum's death, where, as the minute's silence was observed at Ochilview prior to the match against Cowdenbeath in 2002 (lower picture), a melange of fairground music drifted across the hallowed Ochilview Park turf. The Warriors Social Club  (now Ochilview Bar, run by ex Warrior Brian Jenkins) does a roaring trade when the Tryst is in town.

At their height the trysts were a sensational sight with as many as 150,000 cattle, sheep and horses arriving in great streams from all corners of Scotland and settling in the fields with their drovers, perhaps as many as two thousand with ponies and dogs, sleeping in the open or in portable bivouacs. Here they met with hundreds of buyers from all over Britain. The arrival of the train meant that the Tryst gradually changed to become a funfair, as shown here in this photo from 1907. The original tryst ground extended over the present Ochilview, to Muirhall Road in the west, and Muirfield Road to the east, and down to King/Main Street.

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